Monday, 14 April 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to all one of you (I don't expect much more to be honest)! So it's getting late and I need to get this going, as first big blog will appear tomorrow, but more on that later.

So the premise of this blog if simple enough. On daily bases (not guaranteed on some occasions) I'll be giving out reports of the devoted sim racer's daily practice, fun and racing that occurs! Images and videos may accompany to some, but not all. Races will be reported in detail from my perspective and should be respected that I will most probably never mention anything outside of what I can see from my HUD, mirrors and through windshield. It will also be of course be spiced with emotions, as hopefully most of these will be written in the 2 hours following the race, in which I usually remember exactly what happened and emotions are still present.

So now, if you don't know me as well, you must be asking "Who is this phsycho?" And this "psycho" is a 19 year old (As of 2014) Pole, living in Ireland, studying, and in free time absolutely devoted to improving his skill in racing, with breaks for other games, and studies of course. I just can't race forever, it exhaust me too much. So that is a little overview but the most important is that I have begun my first steps as a sim racer at the age of 13, back in November 2008. Yes, it seems early, but only this way was I able to fully develop and win my first races, and be contender in championships when I was only 17. I've taken many long breaks, usually for no good reason, just couldn't race for a while, sometimes I was losing interest, sometimes I just had issues that were easily solved but I got fed up with everything.

And so, since October 2013, when I competed in a 1000km race around Zolder in a DRM Porsche 935 (Great car) I have not raced anywhere. My main reason being I've found new simulator which I've fallen in love with, but no multiplayer so far made it so that my main goal was to have fun and keep the skill up at the top of my game. And so here we come to last week. On Tuesday last I've decided that I will compete in 2 events, both in yet another simulator, Race 07. An STCC race around Nurburgring Nordschleife and a special Corolla Cup cars around the same track were the 2 events I figured out will be good to compete in. It ended up being really good in the way of pace but absolutely catastrophic on mistakes. The long time without racing has shown itself really badly, but that's why I'm racing, I want to get back into mindset that I was in when I raced regularly.

Therefor we come to our end here. Tomorrow I have another race, at Race Department. Unluckily seems like there is a low number of signups, but still going to be fun, and I'm in there not to race, but to work on my psychology and consistency. Racing is just a part of it which is pure fun! The race will be Caterham CSR200 at the Portuguese Estoril circuit. Even though these are the least powerful Caterhams available in Race 07, they are a lot of fun, and sliding around is a given. Wish me luck, and a full report will be given tomorrow, along with what practice I've done and how the progress on consistency goes!

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